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Exploring Captive Insurance Company Management

At Surgical Captive, we assist clients with the management of Captive Insurance Companies, providing elite advisory services for Captive owners in the healthcare industry and other business verticals. Learn more about the strategic benefits of forming a Captive Insurance Company and how our team of financial, healthcare, and insurance leaders at Surgical Captive will assist you in managing your Captive effectively and comprehensively.

Beyond making the decision to start a Captive and initiating the process of Captive Formation, Surgical Captive administers the day-to-day operations of the Captive, including any legal and practical issues that may arise.

Management Services for Captive Insurance Companies

Surgical Captive is proud to provide full-service managerial assistance. Our firm excels in assisting healthcare professionals and business owners in running Captive Insurance Companies. We understand how to help our clients succeed and discover effective solutions that allow their businesses to flourish. Our full-service managerial and advisory firm has the experience to assist you and your healthcare practice with innovative risk management techniques.

Surgical Captive will help you understand the IRS tax benefits involved in owning a Captive. We are industry experts offering the highest caliber of service. Our professionals are dedicated to answering your questions and helping you manage risk, save money, and accumulate wealth.

Surgical Captive is thoroughly prepared to handle the following services:

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial
  • Compliance
  • Claims Management
  • Legal
  • Audit
  • Taxation

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