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When was the last time you witnessed true innovation in the field of healthcare insurance? At Surgical Captive, we’re committed to providing solutions that allow our clients to protect their assets, save money, enhance cash flow, and benefit from customized insurance policies through the establishment of Captive Insurance Companies.

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We are proud to provide our clients with the highest quality services in the field of Captive Insurance formation. Surgical Captive works with healthcare professionals and business owners nationwide, helping our clients understand the benefits of this exciting and innovative way to minimize risk while accumulating wealth.

About Surgical Captive

Surgical Captive was developed by leaders in the healthcare industry as an answer to pressing insurance questions.. Our goal is to assist our clients by developing and administering effective turnkey Captive Insurance Companies. Business owners are then freed to use their capital in more effective ways than paying insurance premiums to commercial insurers, such as expanding, investing, and growing their bottom lines.

Since founding Surgical Captive, we have formed strategic partnerships with leading agencies, enabling us to serve our clients even more effectively.

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Surgical Captive is one of the first companies of its kind to focus solely on Captive Insurance for healthcare professionals. Our executives are trusted leaders in the healthcare industry. We’re equipped to answer all of your questions and help you reap the benefits of a Surgical Captive solution. By including your business advisors in the process every step of the way, you will feel confident and fully informed as you move forward.

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