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What are the Advantages of a Captive Insurance Company?

Captive Insurance Companies are often overlooked as a strategic initiative by finance and tax professionals, as the benefits are not easily understood or explained. With the proper guidance from Surgical Captive, the economic advantages of a Captive program become readily apparent. Such benefits include:

  • Ownership and Control

    Captive Insurance Companies are completely controlled by their owners, including all stock, investments, and bank accounts.
  • Asset Protection

    By forming a Captive Insurance Company, business owners are protected against risk from creditors, business debts, attorneys, and litigation.
  • Insurance Coverage Flexibility

    Captive Insurance Companies can obtain insurance coverage for operating risks not routinely covered by traditional insurance policies. By liberating businesses from fluctuating market cycles of commercial insurance companies, Captives provide better availability, stability, and affordability on a range of commercial coverages.
  • Reduced Insurance Costs

    Savings resulting from insurance cost reductions and profits routinely earned by third-party insurers are controlled by the Captive. Captive Insurance Companies have the flexibility to adapt to changes in the pricing structure of the commercial insurance market and in the company’s business, risk tolerance, and cash flow.
  • Favorable Tax Treatment

    IRS Safe Harbor Rules permit the Captive to receive a certain amount of annual insurance premiums income tax free. Tax savings start immediately and there are no restrictions regarding the amount of time the Captive Insurance Company is in operation.
  • Improved Cash Flow

    With a Captive, the business can retain insurance premium dollars and profits within the business enterprise, thereby increasing investment income on its unpaid loss reserves, capital, and surplus. Control over losses also improves by providing owners with the resources to categorize, measure, and manage these costs while maintaining accurate financial projections.
  • Wealth Accumulation & Preservation

    Profits from premiums paid are retained by the Captive for reinvestment or disbursement. As your partner, Surgical Captive will administer service and management fees, dividends, and liquidation. Surgical Captive will assist you to preserve the wealth your Captive has earned. Typical investments include mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and highly liquid marketable securities.

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