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Surgical Captive

Captive Insurance for Healthcare Professionals & Business Owners

Surgical Captive recognizes the unique needs and complexities of the healthcare business environment. We assist healthcare professionals and business owners in other verticals with the creation and administration of Captive Insurance Companies to self-insure businesses and manage associated risks. A full-service company, Surgical Captive guides clients through each step of the process, from initial assessment to formation and administration of the Captive Insurance Company.

What Is a Captive Insurance Company?

Business owners form privately-owned Captive Insurance Companies to protect themselves from the risks associated with business ownership.

Rather than paying insurance premiums for a policy to third-party insurers, premiums are paid to the Captive. Pre-defined risks are underwritten by the Captive with the assistance of a third-party actuarial team. Any reserves from unpaid claims remain an asset of the Captive, protected from creditors and available for investment or disbursement to the Captive owners.

Surgical Captive

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Surgical Captive is dedicated to delivering unique self-insurance solutions for healthcare professionals and business owners. By liberating businesses from the market cycles of commercial insurance companies, we provide wealth opportunities and asset protection with outstanding financial results.

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